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Over the last ten years, A&J Laboratory Consultants has specialized in the CMS regulatory requirements along with COLA and CAP requirements. We are experts in our field. We have helped numerous laboratories, who have fallen short of their compliance requirements, to regain the compliance they are required to have. A&J Laboratory Consultants saw the need for a software program that could immediately get a laboratory into compliance. Through their consulting work, they developed proprietary software for its customers. Through that development, A&J realized that all laboratories need a better way to maintain the countless documents and records it must maintain in order to be in compliance.

A&J took from that experience and created a compliance portal to help laboratories go electronic and never worry about its documents disappearing or not being maintained. Our launch of the compliance software has grown primarily through word-of-mouth. The software is reliable, easy to use, and is fully customized to each lab's specific requirement. Our system is an open system so that your lab is not limited in its capabilities to track your laboratory compliance requirements.

Coming Through a Portal Near YOU.

We have developed solutions to help medical laboratories stay ahead of compliance requirements through paperless and daily monitoring for laboratory compliance using our electronic monitoring program

Compliance Portal

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We identified, through years of monitoring for our clients, the need for paperless and daily monitoring support for laboratories’ unceasing mission to stay in compliance.


Monitor all laboratory information for moderate to high complexity testing compliance on a daily basis that monitors daily QC, Calibrations, New Lot Verification, and daily temperatures and more.


Equally important, we provide the training and support for this new solution that ensures your staff can ramp up quickly.


Immediate access from any computer to document daily compliance requirements.

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Immediate alerts when compliance entries are incorrect or invalid.

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Immediate corrective action documentation for laboratory issues.


Administrative access 24/7 to monitor the laboratory compliance.

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A & J Laboratory Consultants developed this unique program to give peace of mind that your lab will always stay inspection ready.