Our Services


Contact us today for a quote to fit your situation and needs. We can customize your package to meet your needs. Use us for a one-time service or on a continuous plan.

Our Purpose:
To help the physician and staff overcome the challenges in starting and/or managing a laboratory.
Our technical laboratory consultants can help physicians and staff overcome the challenges in starting and/or managing a laboratory.

We offer consultation services including the following:

Starting up a laboratory - if you need help setting up your new laboratory, let us help. We can fill out your initial application, expedite its path through CMS, and make any changes as your needs change.

Pre-inspection evaluations - Our qualified Technical Consultants based on CMS Regulatory educational requirements and our work experience as Consultants with CLIA, COLA, and CAP, A & J Laboratory Consultants know what your laboratory needs in order to achieve its qualifications.

Post inspection corrections and follow up - A & J Laboratory Consultants can also help your laboratory with any corrective actions your laboratory needs. We can help you earn your qualifications and follow up to make sure you keep them.

Pre-screening applicants - our qualified consultants can pre-screen your applicants for you, saving you the hassle of going through stacks of applications.

Training employees on laboratory testing and equipment - our experienced consultants can train your laboratory employees in proper methodologies, resulting in standards compliance.

Provide competency evaluations to ensure proper training documentation - as well as training, we provide competency evaluations and documentation to ensure your employees are conforming to standard procedures.

Simplified management plan and monthly consultations to ensure compliance - a simplified management plan can turn a normal laboratory into a well-operated, motivated, efficient laboratory. Our consultants can also provide monthly visits to ensure efficiency and compliance with CLIA, COLA, and CAP.

We can also help with Quality Assessment by providing the following:

  • Initiate a comprehensive Quality Assessment plan
  • Monitor proficiency testing
  • Implement daily quality controls

Our services also provide regulatory compliance by providing the following:

  • Continuous inspection readiness
  • Consultation on inspections by regulatory agencies
  • Write and implement a Plan of Corrections for Cited Offenses